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About Me

Arrin Kartel Art. Orginal Artwork, Prints and Paintings by Arrin Kartel.

Hi! My name is Arrin. I'm an artist and graphic designer living in the Midwest. I share my home with my wonderful husband, Sean, and our adorable furbabies.

I am an oil painter currently working solely on abstract landscapes. But I hope to branch out and explore more concepts in the future!

I work full-time as a graphic designer but I like to make my own designs on my time off (and when I'm not painting!) You can find printable organizational pages over on my Make Design shop!

--  a   l i t t l e   e x t r a   i n f o  --

INTJ  •  Hufflepuff  •  Anime Fan  •  Socially Awkward
Geek  •  Perpetual Dreamer  •  Classic Film Admirer  •  Vintage Lover