I'm an artist and graphic designer living in Iowa. I share my home with my husband, Sean, and our wonderful furbabies.


I paint whimsical, bright abstract and impressionist landscapes primarily in oil. I am largely inspired by color, nature and beautiful places here on earth.


I use vibrant colors such as shades of pink, purples, greens and blues to create fun and lighthearted artwork. I believe that creating art is all about the process. I enjoy putting paint to canvas and discovering what happens as the result. I hope my paintings can make people feel as happy as I felt creating them.

"Man suffers only because he take seriously what the gods made for fun." --Alan Watts

I work full-time as a graphic designer but I like to make my own designs on my time off (and when I'm not painting!) You can find printable organizational pages over on my Make Design shop!


INTJ, Hufflepuff, Reader of Books, Anime Fan, Awkward Human, Animal Lover, Perpetual Dreamer, Vintage & Retro Lover,

Classic Film Admirer, BTS ARMY, Cat Person, Foodie